There's the cake, dress, flowers, hair, invitations, make up, photographer, venue and let's not forget the date and guests. With so much to consider as you plan the biggest day of your life, you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed so we've compiled our top wedding tips on everything from accessorising and make-up to what you need to know before you go wedding dress shopping. Shake off the wedding jitters, sit back, sip some prosecco and take note of our top wedding tips from our celebrated wedding designer, Veni Infantino, and the true veterans - our fabulous real brides.

What you need to know before you go wedding dress shopping
Buying your wedding dress is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make and a completely different shopping experience to purchasing garments off the rail. With typical lead times of 12-16 weeks (forgetting quick lead dresses, which you can expect a little sooner), it's important to be prepared and leave enough time to find - and alter, if necessary - your dream dress. Our wedding dress shopping tips cover everything you need to know from booking appointments to culling your entourage, helping ensure a stress-free and successful wedding dress shopping experience.

They say accessories can make or break your look and accessorising your wedding dress is no different. But before you pick up a jewel, ensure you stick to a style that's you and that you're comfortable wearing. Our attitude of accessorising blog covers all thing accessories from accessorising different necklines and sleeves to colour matching your metals to your dress (opt for silver and platinum to compliment white and choose gold to accentuate ivory).

Make-up tips
Primer. Primer. Primer. If we could give you one piece of make-up advice for your big day, primer would be it. Not only does it help your make up last throughout the day and into the evening, it creates a smooth hydrating base that evens skin tones and reduces pore size. Don't forget setting spray and the all-important bridal make up trials too. Discover our top tips to help make you look picture perfect.

Let's hear from the real brides
With their varying stories, our real brides give their lowdown on absolutely everything from Nancy's tops tips to help you find your dream dress and Helen's advice to have the best photographer and videographer you can afford to our personal favourite, Deidre's advice to enjoy every minute and let your hair down.

Pearls of positivity from Veni
At the start of lockdown, our award-winning designer, Veni, recorded an uplifting message to brides who sadly found their wedding days cancelled. As she drew on her own daughter's big day, which was planned for June 2020, she positively reminded brides that their big days weren't cancelled, just merely postponed - a sentiment we still feel pertinent today as we continue to navigate COVID-19. So, if your day isn't quite what you planned or you're feeling overwhelmed, tune in and remember to stay positive.

Armed with our top tips, we truly hope you enjoy your wedding preparations and big day.

Ciara O’Dowling